The Craziness of Life

Recently, every night around midnight, I’ve been spending time with God under the stars sitting on a bench by the pond in my backyard. I usually pray and then reflect on whatever is on my mind. I’ve decided to share what’s recently been on my heart and I hope that it will motivate all of us to continue to keep pushing through the craziness of life. Enjoy.

I believe life’s greatest adventures are the ones we never see coming; the ones that knock us off our feet and really wreck our world. The moments where our plans get shaken up and thrown for a loop can really mess up the lives we envisioned for ourselves. But maybe that’s the point. Maybe, and very possibly, God has a bigger plan for us than we could have ever imagined. That job you wanted? Maybe God has better opportunities for you. That area you wanted to get away from? Maybe God is saying your purpose isn’t finished there yet. That relationship you really wanted? Maybe God has better in store.

It’s hard to think about when things don’t go our way or we feel out of control of the situation. Nevertheless, what keeps me going is realizing my purpose in this world isn’t for ME, but it’s for GOD.

Life is crazy. You never know what the next day may bring, but one thing is for certain. God is here in the present with each and every one of us. Here for our highs and here for our lows. I personally think that’s the best part of life. Going through whatever you may go through, good or bad, and recognizing God will carry you through every situation.

Each of us will always have those times that nothing seems to be going well or the way we want to. However, these times are ALWAYS temporary. God has great things in store of all of us if we trust in Him and His plan. Never give up hope that God won’t come through on His promises. God is faithful to the end and loves each of us unconditionally. We may never understand or agree with the reasoning behind some situations, but God always has a purpose for everything good and bad.

I believe perspective is one of the more important actions in life. It’s up to you whether you take life head on or choose to fold and give in. In my opinion, with God, anything is possible. Be patient and keep pushing forward. Blessings are coming your way.

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